The Words that Got Me through 2018

I have never been a girl that loves cheesy quotes but if you’ve been following me for a while you know that 2018 was easily the most difficult year of my life. I totally gutted my life this year blocking/unfriending a grand total of 20 people on social media (if that gives you an idea of how difficult it has been). Other than turning to God I found a lot of strength and inspiration from people who were dealing with their own form of loss, grief or heartache. Whether it was on social media or in a book I read, these are the words that are on sticky notes in my bedroom that I looked at every day to get me through and remind me that I am capable of pulling through and thriving.

Ashley LeMieux

I sat and re-read this quote at least 75,000 times a day after I saw it for the first time. These words written by one of my favorite people that I follow on instagram (Ashley LeMieux) brought me to tears. She has lost something so much greater than I did but reading her story made me feel like I wasn’t alone. I’m not the only person on the planet that has to completely re build her life. Rebuild is definitely what I did last year. Hoooooollllly cow did a lot change but all for the better. Sometimes we have to be wrecked for God to get us to where he wants us. For some reason He wants me in Boise right now and I still have no idea why but there’s no way in hell I would be here right now if God let me keep everything I had a year ago. Rebuilding showed me what I’m capable of. It gave me confidence, bravery, courage, and patience. I had someone ask me how I even started to pick myself back up and I showed them this quote. Just make “one next right decision at a time”.

Rachel Hollis

First of all, if you haven’t read Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis stop everything you’re doing and go buy/download it NOW. Life changing. I will never stop telling people about this book. Anyway… This was my favorite quote in that book! It was the good kick in the pants that I needed at that time! Ever since I read this line I have been reminding myself that the best way to move forward is to find myself and keep going every single day. Going through this year I was re-discovering my younger self. I remember being back in South Africa for the first time since before I started dating my ex and telling my team “it’s like I’m suddenly 19 again but with a harder and closed off heart.” I was never going to get my forgiving, care free, and innocent self back but I could honor her by revisiting the things the make my soul flourish and create some new version of her. I really think that is what I have done.

Lysa TerKeurst

So here’s another book you need to stop everything to read RIGHT NOW. Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst is the first book I read when I got here and I LOOVVVED it. I remember reading this line and thinking “well how in the world is this going to end up being a good thing?!” So I wrote it down and looked at it every day and guess what? He took my mess and made it into something so beautiful!

Favorite Venues

I loved 2018 wedding season because everything was so new to me! I only had two venues that I had ever photographed at before! So I thought I would share my 3 favorite venues from last year!

  1. The Bishop’s House

    I loved everything about this venue! Every detail was just so beautiful! It was once home to a succession of the Episcopal Bishops of Idaho and now you can get married there! Tyler and Brookney did an incredible job designing their wedding around the space and making it one of my favorite weddings of the year! View the full wedding here!

The Bishop's House Boise- Boise Wedding Venue- Boise wedding photographer

2. The Boise Depot

This venue is so unique! There were so many different spots to photograph Marie and JP and it was the perfect place for them to throw a huge party after their St. John’s Cathedral ceremony! View the full wedding here!

The Boise Depot Wedding- Boise Wedding Venues- Boise Wedding Photographer

3. Felicia and Kenny’s Backyard

Okay so this isn’t an actual venue that you can use BUT it is Felicia and Kenny’s backyard and it was perfect for them! They wanted to save the money they would have had to spend on a venue and put it into renovating the backyard at their home so they just got married in it! So smart! View the full wedding here!

Arizona Backyard Wedding- Arizona Wedding Photographer