5 Things I've Learned From Being a Wedding Photographer- Arizona Wedding Photographer

I've been shooting weddings for about 4 years now and in that 4 years I've learned a lot! I was thinking about all the weird things I know about weddings now the other day and thought I would share 5 things that I have learned from doing this! 

1. Wedding Planners are Angels Without Wings

Literal Angels. They do EVERYTHING. I always try to make friends with the wedding planner or coordinator ASAP because they know exactly what's going on and have everything planned to a T. They know the schedules, which family members can't be in photos together because of an ugly divorce, get people with cameras out of your way for you, how how to cut the cake, where it is and isn't ok to stand, what photos are extremely important to the couple and the list goes on and on and on. If you're a wedding professional take a moment to hug a wedding planner because, man, they've got a rough job! I've had to be a stand-in wedding coordinator at one of my weddings along with the D.J. and we were freaking out, so mad props to my wedding planner friends!


2. Just Roll With It

I have learned how to be extremely flexible because of weddings. We've so much go wrong during the day (especially during family portraits) so switching up the schedule last minute is a piece of cake now! Can't find the Bride's dad? It's fine. We can get family photos after the ceremony and do the bridal party portraits right now. The florist is missing? No biggie. We can fudge the photo schedule. 


3. The Details Aren't Everything

I have watched bride after bride freak out about every tiny detail and ruin their day. I have to constantly remind the bride that center piece arrangement isn't nearly as important as enjoying marrying the person you love. So what if something's out of place?! If you stress out about every detail, it's going to show in the photos. The pictures are 20 million times better when my couples just focus on being in love!


4. Lighting is EVERYTHING. 

I've had brides look at me like I'm insane because I tell them "I think the parking lot would be a perfect spot for your first look!" The photo below is just that! It was an ugly parking lot with a brick wall but the lighting was on point! I've had brides INSIST on taking photos in specific locations around their venue because they like how it looks even though the lighting is pure crap. Of course I appease them because it's their day but when they let me use my eye to find the best lighting situation, they always end up liking those better than the ones they insisted on taking on that bridge with the spotty lighting. Brides- TRUST YOUR PHOTOG! 


5. How to Bustle a Wedding Dress

I am the bustle queen. I have bustled the dress of (almost) all of my brides. I don't even know how I learned how to do it but I figured it out somehow. Basically, bustling is pinning the train of the dress up so that it's easier to move around in during the reception and for some reason it's super difficult. I am the one vendor that does not leave the brides side all day long so it always falls on me when the bridesmaids can't remember how to do it. I tell ya- it's a skill.