JP + Marie Married- Idaho Wedding Photographer

I had a blast at JP + Marie’s Boise Depot wedding! It was a hectic day going from venue to venue but so so worth it! This was my first Catholic wedding and was super nervous but everything went smoothly! This was one of those weddings where I almost cried 923 times. There was so much love in the room, not just between JP and Marie but their families too! These have to be the most loved people on the planet!


Bliss Events

Behrens Artistry

The Boise Depot

St. Johns Cathedral

Maggie- Boise Senior Photographer

Ohhhhhh Miss Maggie! What do I even say about this girl? Her senior photos at Kathryn Albertson park are some of my favorites ever! She reminds me so much of myself at her age but she’s also so different! She is sweet, absolutely hilarious, and so confident in herself (something I definitely was NOT)!

For the first 3 months I was in Boise I took a part time job at Old Navy just so I could get back on my feet. I pretty much hated it but I loved working with this girl! She made the late nights and early mornings so fun! She actually goes to the same school as my sister and we like to argue over who was friends with Maggie first (definitely me) so it’s safe to say that she is well loved in the Bellais home!  

I actually took the first round of Maggie’s senior photos the week I got home from Africa (terrible idea on my part) and ended up not liking them all that much. She looked beautiful but, boy was I off my game! She of course loved them but I made her do a round 2 anyway and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Round one had a few good ones so I posted a couple below but the rest is of them are round 2! Love you Maggie! You’re gonna do great things!