Brandon and Rachel's Flagstaff Engagement Session- Arizona Wedding Photographer

These two were SO FUN. We have never had more fun at an engagement session! I told Ryan on the way home that I love it when you can clearly tell how in love a couple is and I could tell Brandon and Rachel absolutely smitten with each other. They love to laugh together and I think we captured that pretty darn well in these images. 

When bringing up location for their engagement Rachel immediately mentioned Flagstaff since that is where they met. They met at a bonfire where Brandon was sitting alone. Rachel approached them and they realized later that they had been talking away for four hours and the rest is history.... We literally pulled over on the side of the rode to find a good spot in the forest and it was perfect! 

At the end of the session they pulled out their light saber and wands and I think I actually may have fallen in love with them.... My two favorite things in session! Scroll to the bottom to see some of my Photoshop skills!