Brodi and Melissa's Gilbert Temple Wedding- Arizona Wedding Photographer

I don't know how I grew up surrounded by mostly Mormon friends yet this was not only my first time shooting an LDS wedding, but attending one! I had never even been to the Gilbert Temple before this! Apparently I need to get out more. 

I've known Brodi since high school and I was so thrilled to capture such a huge milestone in his life and seeing him end up with someone so perfect for him! They were such troopers with the heat- we had groomsmen sweating through their shirts people- and not one complaint! Everyone was just happy to be there and to celebrate the couple.

The real fun part was their bridals that we took the night before.... That golden light was unreal against the temple and Melissa's dress was so stunning! It was a dream session for me. 

Thanks for letting me be a part of your day, Brodi and Melissa! I look forward to meeting all the babies you pop out in the future!