Abe and Jacinda- Boise Wedding Photographer

This session was a small victory for me. I've been working my butt off trying to rebuild this business and try to find my new normal since I got here to Boise. Even though it was in a new place, this hour of my life was the first hour that felt normal since I got here. It was the first time I got to get out and shoot and do something familiar!

However I was reminded that I am alone this time. I didn't have an assistant like I normally do. I came home and asked God where that person was. When will I fall in love again? I came across this verse "It is not for you to know the times or seasons that the father has fixed by His own authority."- Acts 1:7. I was quickly reminded that I don't need to control this part of my life because God already knows where he is and when I will meet him. I just need to trust that God will bring that person to me and keep focusing on what He wants me to do next. 

Abe and Jacinda were so sweet and I loved walking around Downtown Boise with them. What a cool downtown area! The architecture and murals were so so beautiful! I cannot WAIT for their downtown wedding in September! Man.... Heartbreak is a total bitch but I am loving this new life God is creating for me (Yes I just referenced God and said 'bitch' in the same sentence. Probably the most "Taylor" sentence ever.).