Favorite Venues

I loved 2018 wedding season because everything was so new to me! I only had two venues that I had ever photographed at before! So I thought I would share my 3 favorite venues from last year!

  1. The Bishop’s House

    I loved everything about this venue! Every detail was just so beautiful! It was once home to a succession of the Episcopal Bishops of Idaho and now you can get married there! Tyler and Brookney did an incredible job designing their wedding around the space and making it one of my favorite weddings of the year! View the full wedding here!

The Bishop's House Boise- Boise Wedding Venue- Boise wedding photographer

2. The Boise Depot

This venue is so unique! There were so many different spots to photograph Marie and JP and it was the perfect place for them to throw a huge party after their St. John’s Cathedral ceremony! View the full wedding here!

The Boise Depot Wedding- Boise Wedding Venues- Boise Wedding Photographer

3. Felicia and Kenny’s Backyard

Okay so this isn’t an actual venue that you can use BUT it is Felicia and Kenny’s backyard and it was perfect for them! They wanted to save the money they would have had to spend on a venue and put it into renovating the backyard at their home so they just got married in it! So smart! View the full wedding here!

Arizona Backyard Wedding- Arizona Wedding Photographer