Fine art photographer

Demi and Stacy's San Marcos Hotel Engagement Session- Arizona Engagement Photographer

I was really nervous for this shoot. Demi and Stacy wanted to do their photos at the San Marcos Hotel in Downtown Chandler and I had never even seen a photo of it! When I showed up to the hotel, I was wowed by how beautiful it was! I am so pleased with how these turned out and am so excited to share them!

--Let me know if you need a photographer in Spain, Demi and Stacy ;) 


Jessica Parker of 6 Feet of Style- Arizona Portrait Photographer

Jessica was the makeup artist on my styled shoot last month and we hit it off! She contacted me after the shoot asking for some portraits for her website as she is rebranding. I was immediately excited (because, hello, she's gorgeous!) but when she told me where she wanted to go I was SO EXCITED- Roosevelt Row! We created a Pinterest board and styled the whole shoot together. Roosevelt Row was a little sketchy but SO worth it! It was completely out of my comfort zone with the urban setting and harsher than normal sunlight, but the results were amazing. 

Jessica Started out in this adorable purple sun dress so we started out at this wall. The deep purple tones in the graffiti perfectly complemented her dress! 


We then decided that adding her sunglasses into some shots was a must! They tied her outfit together so well and made for some more interesting photographs! Also, see what I'm saying when I say "harsh sunlight"? We made it work!


I have so much love for this wall. So much that I decided that it deserves its own section!

STYLE CHANGE: Jessica changed up her whole look in five minutes. It was crazy. She changed into this gorgeous teal maxi dress, threw her hair up in a bun, changed her sun glasses and put on an amazing smoky purple lipstick. She went from a natural and flowy look to incredibly chic in 5 minutes! 

This wall grabbed my attention immediately. I knew her skirt and lipstick would pop when she stood next to it! I almost feel like we were able to achieve the ethereal and urban aesthetic all at once!

Jessica looked like she could be a part of this wall! The colors were perfect... I was nervous about the lighting at first and the weird shadow at the bottom, but I really loved it while I was editing. I think the shadows really add something! 

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