Sedona Weddings

Kendra and Aaron's Engagement Session- Arizona Wedding Photographer

I met Kendra in the 8th grade and can't believe that I am sitting here posting her engagement session. Where does the time go? She met Aaron during our senior year while the two of them were working at Chick-Fil-A and after being "just friends" for a while, they fell in love! 

This session was so fun! My boyfriend drove up to Sedona with me, and the four of us went on a little hike (more like a walk) through the West Fork Trail! It was so beautiful. A hidden little gem in Sedona. Other than the red ant the bit my foot, it was the best double date ever. 

Nathan & Selena: Sedona Wedding at Sky Ranch Lodge

There is something so special about shooting a wedding for somebody you know. I met Nathan on a mission trip in Kenya about a year ago. The whole time he talked about his beautiful girlfriend, Selena. When they got engaged they asked me to be their photographer and I was thrilled! Selena is just as great as Nathan described her and I am so thrilled that they are finally married! I wish you two all the happiness in the world!