How To Make Your First Look Extra Special On Your Wedding Day- Arizona Wedding Photographer

Whether or not to do a first look is always one of the hardest decision for brides. Yes it will make their day go more smoothly, but they are always worried they'll regret not having that moment down the isle. However I argue that you should do because it can be even more special than seeing each other for the first time at the altar. Here's how you can make your first look extra special!


1. Make it Intimate

For me, part of the appeal of doing a first look is that nobody else (other than the photographer) is there. You don't need your mom, dad, your girls, and your aunt Sally there interrupting you and shoving their iPhone cameras in your face while you're trying to soak in a once in a lifetime moment. Just have yourself, the photographer and the person you love and trust most. Make it about the two of you. You can ugly cry together and you won't have to worry about everyone seeing your Kim Kardashian crying face (click here if you don't know what I'm talking about). You can also actually talk to each other and react together as long as you want because you're not in the middle of a ceremony. Those raw emotions and reactions make for the most amazing photographs. 

2. Create a Beautiful Setting

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You want the moment you see each other to be something out of a movie and also a great place for your bridal portraits. Pick a place with beautiful scenery, set out candles or dream catchers, or just about any decoration you can think of.

Another fun little idea that just popped into my head is to do your first look look in a location that's important to your relationship- the park where you first kissed, got engaged, went on your first date, in a pretty part of the high school you where you met. As long as it's near your wedding venue it would be so perfect and so special. 


3. Play Your Song

To further "set the mood" a great idea for your first look is to play your song during your first look. Any romantic song at all would really work! It just adds that extra amount of emotion and beauty to an unforgettable moment. How special would it be hearing a song that meant something to you from the beginning of the relationship on the day you are finally going to seal the deal?