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Hey Friends! I am a creative living in Boise after being raised in the Arizona Desert! I enjoy scotch on the rocks, long walks down the aisles of Target, bad reality TV, binge watching the 'Harry Potter' movies and ‘Friends, Pizza and Dr. Pepper.

My photography journey began when I was 15 and a Sophomore in high school and I got my second choice for a fine art credit and accidentally started a photography business taking senior photos for my friends. I fought my passion for such a long time and always said that this would be "just a side gig" but over the years I gave in and it is now my dream job I never knew I had.

If you’re anything like me, being in front of the camera is something you’re not comfortable with at all! My goal for each and every client is to create a stress free environment- whether it be your wedding day or just a portrait session- that allows you to relax and to capture the truest and happiest version of yourself and to create images that you can look at with fond memories. I have always wanted to find a way to make Photography as easy as possible for my clients!

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Bridal Party Boise Wedding Photograpy by Taylor Bellais
Family Portrait Session by Taylor Bellais
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