I have been having a lot of fun since we launched our entrepreneur photography subscription! Some of my fave clients (although I LOVE all of them) have been style bloggers. Not only do I shoot some really cute content for them, but I get to shoot their adorable outfits and now I want all my clients to go shopping for me... The importance of bloggers (especially style bloggers) having beautiful content is immense, and these ladies have been using their content to the fullest extent!

We start with deciding what your exact needs are content wise. What sites are we going to be shooting for? Your website? Instagram? Facebook? Your blog? Do you need more flat lays? Do you need a crap ton of outfits photographed? How much do you need your face to show up in your Instagram feed? We just go down the list and prioritize!

Then I spend some time getting to know you and your brand. This will help me pick locations for shoots and the overall look of your images! What colors on your existing sites stand out to me? How are you speaking to your audience? Is it a more formal or casual tone? What is the overall vibe you are giving off? 

Then we schedule out your next six months! When will you need specific content? Each of my clients know ahead of time when they will need what. One client told me "Hey! I want to get some birthday themed shots since my birthday is this month!" So she brought a cupcake and she was able to have a few quality images for her birthday posts instead of crappy iPhone photos! Your schedule is totally up to you!

Then, after editing, you're left with a pretty Instagram grid like the one below! Or you are left with a stunning website!